“Marketing Champions” with Jose Benitez from Arbol Communications Group

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week Joe Stelma sits down with Jose Benitez from Arbol Communications Group.

Arbol Communications Group is a multicultural Company specialized in advertising, branding, digital and content.

Company: Arbol Communications Group
Website Address: www.arbolcg.com
Interviewee: Jose Benitez

What is Arbol Communications Group?

We are a company based in Miami. We’ve been in business for seven years now. We were born as an advertising agency but we have migrated to a communications company because of the needs of our clients. We develop everything from very simple PowerPoint presentations to our clients to a full fledged multinational campaign that has TV and digital and everything on it. We primarily focus on the on the multicultural market here in the U.S.. We serve the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America market. A lot of a lot of the big companies have their headquarters for Latin America here in Miami.

How do you define success for your clients?

Our clients are very results oriented. We work with clients such as Visa, DHL and others, Their success is based mainly on how do you manage to be the best product for your clients. Overall, it’s a matter of how can you treat your clients the best way possible? How do you minimize any type of friction?

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