“Marketing Champions” with Joseph Federico from Anchors To Dusk Media

On “Marketing Champions,” our hosts speak with experts within the marketing community. This week, Wes Benwick and Mike White sit down with Joseph Federico from Anchors To Dusk Media.

Anchors originally sought after assisting first-time authors with editorial and publishing. It evolved in 2016 to social media strategy, digital marketing, organic persona building, and PR. They’ve worked with brands such as Verizon Enterprise, heavy tech hitters from the JS Group, and also local startups.

Company: Anchors To Dusk

Website Address: Josephafederico.com

Interviewee: Joseph Federico

How has cord-cutting affected your business?

Coming from a background in publishing, you have to understand that cord-cutting will affect you only if you aren’t willing to take the plunge. You have to go forward and strive to be more organic, otherwise, you will be left behind.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in media marketing?

I would say to plan everything out first. Do your research and get people on board that you trust, whether they be a neighbor or a previous coworker. The main thing is research.

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