“Marketing Champions” Joshua Moroles from Alamo Digital Agency

Each week on “Marketing Champions,” our hosts speak with experts in the marketing community. Today, Chase Gunnell sat down with Joshua Moroles from the Alamo Digital Agency, a company that offers a comprehensive approach with the speed and agility you need to propel your business forward. At Alamo, their research-based strategy translates to immersing themselves in your prospects’ buying habits. Alamo Ditial Agency strives to understand who your customer is, what they want, how they can give it to them, and how to keep them coming back for more.


Company: Alamo Digital Agency

Website Address: alamodigitalagency.com

Interviewee: Joshua Moroles


What is Alamo Digital Agency?

We do video production, photography, videography, and social media advertising.

What makes Alamo Digital Agency unique?

We have been able to perfect the videographer branch of our company, our goal is to educate, inform, or entertain for our clients and the way we do this is through consistent video content. Nobody else is doing that stuff around here.

How big of a role is Facebook advertising becoming to play and will continue to play as compared to some more traditional advertising?

Facebook advertising has created a lot of business. I did a market study in my area with radio stations and found that just one of our ads could increase the listeners from 87,000 listeners to 160,000. When I use digital marketing I use it and I preach it. I don’t think people really understand the power of Facebook and how robust it is and what you can really do with it.

If you were talking to someone who wanted to start a company similar to yours what advice would you give them?

I am a huge believer in Facebook ads. I don’t. I don’t sell anything that I don’t use for myself. So use Facebook advertising, use content creation and just create consistently.

What are some of the biggest changes you are predicting to happen in the world of advertising over the next five years?

I’m very interested in Tik Tok. It’s a hidden gem right now. I joined it a few months ago, I see a huge opportunity for growth in Tik Tok however I believe that Facebook is always going to be around. Facebook is going to make it cool again in the future for people to come back into the platform.

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