“Marketing Champions” with Karen Amundson from Apiary Digital

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week, Tamara Taylor sits down with Karen Amundson from Apiary Digital, a collective of experienced independent marketing professionals.

Company: Apiary Digital

Website Address: ApiaryDigital.com

Interviewee: Karen Amundson

What is Apiary Digital?

Apiary is a digital media collective, which is a network of experienced independent marketing consultants, and we curate teams of professionals for our clients.

What makes you unique?

We only work with very experienced folks, everyone touching the client’s business is experienced in their craft. We typically won’t interview someone that doesn’t have at least five years of experience and so the clients get the benefit of that. The other thing that makes us unique is where we fit in the marketplace. We’re sort of somewhere in the middle where you get the best of both worlds, the benefit of working with experienced independent experts and that full-service experience of an agency.

How would you define success?

Well, it would be dependent on the goal of the client. Success would be that we’re able to deliver amazing performance for our clients according to whatever their goals are and in the process deliver an amazing experience for our consultants as well.

If you were to restart your agency what are the two most important roles you would hire for first and why?

I actually don’t think I would use any existing business as a blueprint for how I would hire in the future including my own because every business is so unique and you’re growing at a different rate, the market conditions are different, what the customers need is different. So in terms of specific roles, I don’t think you could predict something like that. What I would do is start hiring before you need it. If you already need the talent it’s too late and you’re going to make a bad decision. Another thing is to always hire people who are better than myself at whatever it is that they’re doing. That’s served us really well!

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