“Marketing Champions” with Karen Talavera from Synchronicity Marketing

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week, Wes Benwick sits down with Karen Talavera from Synchronicity Marketing.

Synchronicity Marketing is a data-driven digital marketing consultancy specializing in optimizing results from email and related inbound marketing channels for increased online visibility, better-qualified prospects, new customers and revenue growth.

Company: Synchronicity Marketing

Website Address: https://synchronicitymarketing.com

Interviewee: Karen Talavera

How did Synchronicity get started?

Synchronicity Marketing is built on the idea that digital channels should work in harmony and be integrated. We’ve got a sweet spot for e-mail marketing. We make that the center and build all of our other strategies around it. We make e-mail marketing easier and then integrate it with related channels to drive profits revenue and better business.

How effective is email marketing?

There’s been a major shift away from email. People are using other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Snapchat. Yet businesses are driving literally millions of dollars a year off of direct to consumer sales online through e-mail! E-mail is not a silver bullet for every marketing objective or for achieving success for wherever you are on the marketing scale. There are many parts in marketing and email might not work well with all of them. Our goal is to build a relationship. Unfortunately what happens still today and it surprises me is that people get their hands on these e-mail lists that are scraped and compiled from God knows where. People have an “If I build it, they will come” mentality and it rarely works. There isn’t a relationship, those people do not know you, they won’t even open the email.

How has cord-cutting affected your business?

While I am not affected by it personally, I will say that the effects of cord cutting are part of why I am such an advocate for email. When you acquire an email address from a customer, you own that connection. Google, Facebook, Amazon, there isn’t a place in those areas where you own the connection. It’s not just you and the customer.

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