“Marketing Champions” with Margarita Eberline from ULTIM Marketing

On “Marketing Champions,” our hosts speak with experts within the marketing community. This week, Wes Benwick sits down with Margarita Eberline from ULTIM Marketing.

ULTIM Marketing’s ultimate goal is to make sure your business gets more results from all marketing efforts. Every company is different and marketing needs and goals will vary, which is why ULTIM aims to provide its clients with customized and effective marketing solutions for their business.

Company: ULTIM Marketing

Website Address: https://www.ultimmarketing.com/

Interviewee: Margarita Eberline

How did you become a strategy director for ULTIM Marketing?

I’m actually a partner here at the agency and I’ve been in this role for about five years. Here in Atlanta, we are bilingual and as someone who is bilingual, I touch just about every bilingual account we have.

Why is the bilingual aspect of your company so important from an advertising standpoint?

Having an understanding of what the different subsegments of the Spanish speaking world you’re trying to target and what their culture is will be helpful to create a more effective strategy to reach them.  A good example would be right here in Atlanta. You would think that there’s not a lot going on because the market is around 10 percent Hispanic, but numbers-wise it represents a lot of dollars in the economy. Understanding that 60 percent of that segment is of Mexican origin has made a huge difference with some attorney accounts that we work with where they’re trying to reach the Spanish speaking demographic. They were able to establish themselves, their brand, their name, their image, everything with this community that no one was really paying attention to.

How has cord-cutting affected your business and you personally with your clients?

I actually worked for the Nielsen Company for about six years. Right around the time where we were undergoing the digital transition and everybody was freaking out about cord-cutting, I was able to see the fluctuations in data and in viewing during that time. It’s really represented a huge opportunity for us small businesses. In the past, you had to try to get into traditional media just to reach people. Now you can reach people that have cut cords through things like YouTube and social media. These things cost pennies in comparison to traditional.

How do you think that the amount of political spending on advertising, which is going to be a record high forecasted upcoming here, is going to impact advertising overall?

I think when it comes to traditional media we will absolutely see an impact on rates. It’s going to have an impact on inventory and it is going to be a challenge. However, because of the age that we live in where we don’t just rely on traditional media, I think what it’s going to do is put more ad dollars into digital. Through digital, you can reach the same amount of people.

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