“Marketing Champions” from Maya Raj Andreadis, Media Buyer & Planner

Maya Raj Andreadis
CEO at Andreadis Advertising

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week Lee Goff sits down with Maya Raj Andreadis, Media Buyer & Planner.

Well tell us a little bit about the Maya Raj Agency. 

Andreadis Advertising. So I started my agency about 20 years ago. I came from television sales and realized that working on the selling side was a nice transition to the buying side. I’ve worked with all kinds of clients, both locally and globally, from car dealers to education nonprofits. So I really enjoy just working with clients along the way.


What does a media buying agency do, what is it you do for your clients?

So we meet with them and consult with them on what goals they’re trying to achieve as far as marketing, whether it’s brand awareness, whether it’s driving traffic to their stores, whether it’s Web site, and we put together a plan based on that. We’ll look at all media, both traditional and digital media, social media, and determine the best path for doing that. And then the media buyer actually places that media and negotiates with the outlets in order to execute the plan.


What does a media buyer’s relationship with your client look like? In other words, like your day-to-day interactions. You meet with them daily, monthly, weekly? What does that look like?

There is mostly communication daily, if not every other day. It’s very important to keep those lines of communication open and know how sales are going, know what’s happening with your clients, know if staffing needs to be ramped up, if they’re getting too many calls or too few calls. So it’s very important to keep a pulse on exactly what’s happening while your campaign is going on. And then, during the off season or off peak times, then it’s important to strategize on what the next plan will be.


What kind of contracts do you typically do? Do you like per project, month to month, 12 month? What kind of engagements do you typically engage in?

I have different contracts with different clients. Some of them I do annual negotiations where I’ll plan everything a year in advance. We usually plan that out six months before the year so we can negotiate the best rates; we can also negotiate value added into the buy. A lot of time, I’ll work with a client that will just want a one month campaign that it’s doing some kind of special sale, so we’ll just do a very short stint in that regard. So all different lights for all different clients.


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