“Marketing Champions” with Nisha Kashyap from Sociallyin

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week, Wes Benwick sits down with Nisha Kashyap from Sociallyin.

Sociallyin is an award-winning, full-service social media marketing agency headquartered in Birmingham, AL. Sociallyin’s managers, analysts, and in-house production studio collaborate to help businesses reach their online marketing goals through organic social media marketing, social paid advertising, social listening, community management, and so much more.

Company: Sociallyin

Website Address: www.sociallyin.com

Interviewee: Nisha Kashyap

What is it that makes Sociallyin unique?

We grew a crazy amount in the past year and a half. The approach to how we deliver content. how we create content, the way that we strategize, all that changed. We push for creative freedom at Sociallyin.

What are some of your favorite pieces of creative out there?

Some of my favorite pieces in media would be the Super Bowl ads that just came out. We were all watching together many of us on the team watched the game together specifically for the ads. The Google one just pulled at the heartstrings, fantastic creative scriptwriting there.

How has cord cutting changed the way you watch and view TV? 

 I work for a social media marketing agency. We only focus on social media. No other types of advertising, not print, not TV, anything like that. That already in itself is a cord-cutting mentality. I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon. These companies are creating their own content, easy to access the content at that, and there isn’t a drive for me to get cable. Less and less things are happening live other than the news, I haven’t had cable for years.

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