“Marketing Champions” with Sean Dudayev from Frootful Marketing

On “Marketing Champions,” our hosts speak to experts within the marketing community. This week, Chase Gunnell sits down with Sean Dudayev from Frootful Marketing, a digital marketing agency focused on working with early-stage start-ups to help them scale their ventures.

Company: Frootful Marketing
Website Address: https://www.Frootfulmarketing.com
Interviewee: Sean Dudayev

What is Frootful Marketing?

The name Frootful Marketing comes from me asking myself “What can I provide to my customers, how can I help them become successful?” It’s a fun brand name but it defines what we are doing. I really wanted to drive home the point that customer’s efforts with us will be fruitful. At the same time, they will get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

How do you define success?

For us, and for our clients as well, success comes from the revenue that’s generated. For early-stage companies is very important to get to a point where they’re self-sustainable and they’re able to make payroll, able to cover their overhead costs. It’s not just about awareness for them, they need to get more money coming into the door. We make sure that every campaign that we’re running results in some kind of money coming in through the door for them. One of the beautiful things about working with startups is you get to grow with them.

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