“Marketing Champions” with Wendy Manganaro from Social Abundance Marketing

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week Joe Stelma sits down with Wendy Manganaro from Social Abundance Marketing.

Social Abundance helps frustrated entrepreneurs by creating digital strategies that helps grow branding, and ROI.

Company: Social Abundance Marketing
Website Address: www.socialabundancemarketing.com
Interviewee: Wendy Manganaro

What is Social Abundance Marketing?

My whole basis is that marketing has to have a plan and a strategy behind it. That’s where I help my clients, I help them get an overall plan and sense of where they should market, who they should market to and why they should market to them.

How do you define success for your clients?.

My path to success is ultimately people calling, they are calling because they’re engaged. Success is actual engagement on the online atmosphere and going from the conversational content and getting people involved to the now I need you and I know that I want you because I’ve been interacting with your company for all this time.

What advice would you give CEOs regarding how they run their company?

My one tip for all CEOs is that they don’t have to do everything in-house. When they hire a marketing person they need to know that each marketing person has their zone of genius and know when they need to go out, even if they have someone in-house. Not everybody knows SEO, not everybody knows content rating. It’s actually easier and more cost effective to hire agencies.

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