“Marketing Champions” with Andre Wright from The WRIGHT Consult

Each week on “Marketing Champions,” our host Wes Benwick talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Wes talks to Andre Wright from The WRIGHT Consult. They are a digital marketing agency located in Atlanta, Georgia that helps businesses drive conversions & ROI through digital platforms. To learn more, visit https://thewrightconsult.com.


Company: The WRIGHT Consult

Website Address: thewrightconsult.com

Interviewee’s Name: Andre Wright


 You’ve got some pretty cool experience here in your work history with Google and some other big names. Tell me about yourself.

I started my digital marketing career in a Google affiliated company of Arizona. That’s where I entered this sphere. I was a digital strategist for a while. Then I was a digital agency manager where I was managing over twenty-five digital AdWords certified professionals and then I decided to move to Georgia with my family. You know they always say Happy wife, happy life. Right? And I decided to move here to Georgia. And we decided on Roswell, you know a very nice area. And we loved it. Loved it here. And so we just had to settle here and that’s when they started the company. And I’ve been servicing clients in the area. So we’re having a ball in north Georgia.

So let’s talk about digital advertising technologies and your view of things and where this is headed. You know the first question I have to ask you is there’s a lot of people who think they can do this on their own. Maybe there are other buyers who are kind of dabbling in the space maybe they’re independent business owners who are watching this podcast who say, “Yeah, I manage my own AdWords I manage my own Facebook ads.” What do you have to say to those people about the difference between, you know, sort of doing it kind of as a hack or on the side and maybe not being a master at it versus what someone who is truly an expert at and that’s all they do. What kind of difference would you expect in the results and the overall experience?

That’s a very good question, I’m glad you brought that up. Because we have audited thousands of accounts and what we realized a lot of business owners that waste a lot of money on Google AdWords. A lot of money because, you rightly said you know, a lot of people believe they can just do it. You know Google AdWords and it takes strategy you know internal campaign you got to research your competitors, you’ve got to research the markets. You go to research the keywords you know you’ve got to you know and assess the client’s goal. You know, look at what we’re trying to achieve and then build campaigns around that. So it’s not just getting up and say hey we’re just going to set up an Edwards campaign. You know we have seen some customers, for example, you know, they just decided to, “hey you know Google sent me a little voucher, we’re going to start a campaign.” And they start the campaign, and they never even streamlined the targeted and they were promoting in different areas from their targeting areas. So they were wasting money. So it’s so important for businesses and entrepreneurs to find a digital agency where we experience employees who can put together a strategy so that we can grow their business and then get some richer.

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