“Marketing Champions” with Christian Jennings from wmHarper

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week Chase Gunnell sits down with Christian Jennings from wmHarper, a strategic branding firm created out of a realization that businesses don’t understand the meaning of “brand.” It was forged over more than 25 years of working for and on some of the most amazing brands in business across virtually every category and media platform in existence. Their goal is to make their clients the Nike of their category.
To learn more check out https://www.wmharper.com.

Company: wmHarper

Website Address: www.wmharper.com

Interviewee: Christian Jennings

What makes wmHarper unique?

I think the one thing that makes us unique is our strategy team. Our consumer insights team seems to be able to uncover insights and opportunities that other guys either couldn’t see in the first place or could never find. We’ve noticed that a lot of research that goes into the market place is around validating the market versus trying to find someone’s unique position within the market and honing in on their audiences’ psychographic emotional needs.

What effect do you think Facebook has on the world of marketing?

So Facebook is interesting. It is one of those platforms that I love to hate. I hate that I love it because it is a really good tool for reaching your target audience. I will say that’s one thing they have done well, understanding your target audience. Facebook is a great platform on which to reach them in kind of an engaging way, in a more meaningful way. So I think it is one great tool to use for advertising and I haven’t yet seen a lot of the other social platforms catch up.

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