“Marketing Champions” with Zack Bowlby from ROI Amplified

On “Marketing Champions,” our hosts speak to experts within the marketing community. This week, Mike White spoke with Zack Bowlby from ROI Amplified, a full-service digital marketing agency located in the heart of Downtown Tampa.

Company: ROI Amplified
Website Address: ROIAmplified.com
Interviewee: Zack Bowlby

How did you get started in marketing?

I was actually studying to become an NFL scout. NFL had just signed a partnership with Zico coconut water and they asked, “Anybody here know anything about marketing?” I said I did and that’s how I got started.

What’s the biggest change you see coming up in the next year in terms of traditional and digital advertising.

Integration! Nowadays everything has to kind of work together, we believe in a fully-integrated process because of that.

How do you communicate and share information with your clients?

We’re a Google partner and Google has a really good forecasting system as well as averages for cost per click. It gives you a good gauge of what to expect and what you can get for that spend.

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