“Marketing For Your Future” with Adi Soozin from MD9

Adi Soozin
Fast Growth Executive at MD9
Website Address: https://www.MD9.co

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Adi Soozin from MD9. MD9 offers enlightening strategies and vigorous tactics, sometimes controversial, always successful.If you want access to the fastest marketing tactics available, MD9 offers a full suite of solutions to meet your goals. To learn more, visit https://md9.co

So tell me a little bit about your company and the services you provide for your clients.

So we are marking strategy consulting. We basically help our clients to figure out these are your goals, we believe that this is the best way to get there, and then we connect them with other freelancers, consultants, contractors who are able to help them reach those goals if they don’t already have their own in-house team. We specialize in something called blitz skilling which is basically rapidly growing companies. As of now, the fastest we’ve grown a bootstrapped startup is from an idea on paper to 108 million in sales in less than five years.

What was the biggest challenge that you faced in doing that with the bootstrap company?

I think it would be actually the founders because they get, especially with that one, she would get nervous like, “Are you sure this is going to work? Well no one else has done it in my industry before.” I was like, “Yes, that’s why it will be successful because no one in your industry is doing this but people love this type of marketing.”

In terms of being able to take a company from bootstrapped, which means very low cash flow, what type of budget was necessary over the first six months of the campaign to even start?

We actually started with a $16,000 budget. And I asked her what she wanted to learn how to do so that we could stretch that further. And she went on YouTube, learned how to code like very basic code to be able to build her own Web site, and then what we did is we made a deal that for every dollar that came in 30 cents would go back into marketing. So I’ve seen more often than not that people don’t want to agree to that when they’ve started getting the cash flow. They’re like, no I want to use it for this and this and this. But she had the discipline to agree to that and stay with that. And we were able to, in the first year, see more than 13 million in sales. So the discipline did pay off.

So working with entrepreneurs and CEOs, what challenges do you usually face with them when you sign them up for your services?

I would say probably the misconceptions that they have about growth hacking and about rapid growth when they come in. Sometimes you have to do things. It’s now more popular: the concept of doing things that don’t scale. So seeing that certain things, ok, this may not necessarily be something that you can do long term but you only need to do it to hit this next milestone. I had one founder. He kept saying, “Well just get me a line like Chipotle, get me a line like Chipotle.” I was like, “Give me a marketing budget like Chipotle and we can do that.” Right now, we have to work our way up to that. We can’t just start with getting 30,000 people looking for your product if they don’t know about it yet.

So are there any softwares that you utilize that have really helped you either scale customers business or be more efficient in the way you do business?

Actually yes. So we have something that we’re using internally that we called Mota9, and in the fall — actually in a couple of weeks — we will be rolling it out to the public. It’s a marketing recommendation engine. So basically you answer a series of questions and then it guides you to the process that you need to implement at any given stage. So there’s like a five step beta launch that I created that we use with our companies and then we put it into Mota9 so that any other consultants coming in with MD9 can very quickly look at that process and know how to take the client through that process. That’s the thing. Well I’m kind of biased in that being my favorite because I built it, but we also have apparently now we’ll be using BluHorn soon because this is like a pretty great service offering. We do use SpyFu. What else, what else. We use a lot of automations, but they’re all built in-house. We were very particular of exactly how we wanted them to work. So the first person that was actually hired at MD9 was not another marketer, they were a python developer because I wanted to be able to automate as much as possible before outsourcing and hiring.

So when you look at the first position that you hired for your business, what is the most important position that you needed at that time?

It was the python developer. For me, the formula that I use for building out teams is first automate, look at how you can automate this as much as possible, then outsource and then hire in-house. That is my personal approach simply because both my parents are serial entrepreneurs and in the 2008 recession they lost everything. So for me, when I’m growing companies and growing my own company, I wanted to keep the overhead as small as possible. And we were able to do that by finding ways to build a lot of automations where other people hire someone to come in and do these menial tasks.


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