“Marketing For Your Future” with Danny Monzon from DM Digital

Danny Monzon
Owner at DM Digital
Website Address: www.dmdigitalbrand.com

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Danny Monzon from DM Digital. DM Digital works with individuals and brands who want to attract the attention of qualified prospects so that they can grow their audience online in today’s noisy digital world. To learn more, visit https://www.dannymonzon.com/dmdigital/.

So tell me a little bit about what it took to actually grow DM Digital and continue to help your customers scale their companies at the same time.

Well thanks. I’m glad that you mentioned that and I’m grateful that she mentioned that as well. One of the strengths I would say that I identified is making relationships. So in a world of digital automation and the virtual technology that we use on a daily basis, one of the things that I found that can never be replaced is true human connections. So I worked in the past as a promoter, in my past life, so I know a thing or two about developing real relationships with people who, at the end of the day, are the ones who make decisions.

So with COVID, has it been difficult where we’re used to making the relationships in person, gripping and grinning, and now they’re done virtually or have you always been able to do the virtual relationships?

Well it’s interesting that a lot of people have found that there’s an obvious shift in the way we communicate. So when the closures happened and such, I’ve always been used to these type of communications via technology where I’m able to reach people in different languages through technology. So it wasn’t such a hardship for me. And in fact, it’s been an unfair advantage over other people who find it difficult.

What do you see the change to the way people handle their digital marketing budgets in the next 12 to 24 months being compared to digital budgets?

Well it doesn’t take a genius to see that there’s a shift and with that shift come opportunity, right? Some of the things that we’ve seen is how the budgets that businesses have had for a long period of time allocated for traditional marketing like radio and television, they can now either leverage some of these same mediums in order to take these conversations to a visual, more personalized way as messaging apps and social media apps. So I can see a shift being on the favorable side for those businesses who are in the know, who have gotten the right direction per se. But also I could see a tremendous loss for businesses who are not informed, who are not in the know, and who are not willing to make a sudden shift because they’ve been used to doing things for so many years a certain way and they have not been willing to learn and to adopt these things sooner than later.

What are the three digital tools in your tool chest that you utilize to help you save money, time, or help you scale your client’s business?

Well I’m glad you asked because right now we’re implementing, not only internally here in DM Digital within the agency, but some of the same elements that are working for e-commerce we’re taking on now to the brick and mortar space where we’ve been able to implement things like QR codes within print advertising to generate personalized conversations at scale. And for instance, we’ve also been able to use some of these automation tools to provide local businesses like restaurants with digital menus that are getting the attention of people who don’t want to continue to touch the physical menu, so who want to be able to order online and be able to pay online right on their mobile device. So some of the tools that we are using are chat bots and digital automation systems that are centered around Facebook messenger.

So with how everything is changing with Google and cookies and Facebook’s building a market, what do you see as the biggest tool that companies will use coming out of COVID to be able to get the message out to their customers?

The biggest tools I would say are automation tools right now. So a lot of people have a misconception around bots, right? So there are some irrelevant, unsmart, intrusive tools that are being used as “bots,” but some of the most effective tools are those smart bots that are developed by smart teams who are very, very keen about the brand’s messaging in their audience. So chat bots is one of the things that we are educating local businesses as well as e-commerce sellers in a way that they’re able to leverage some of the closures that are happening now in the marketplace.

And finish this sentence: in five years, DM Digital will _____.

In five years, DM Digital will be a digital marketing company with roots here in northeast Florida serving brands across different continents.


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