“Marketing for Your Future” with Dave Rohrer from NorthSide Metrics

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Chase Gunnell sat down with Dave Rohrer from NorthSide Metrics, whose goal is to help clients make data-driven decisions to drive more quality traffic, more quality leads, more sales, and in the end, more revenue.

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Company: NorthSide Metrics
Website Address: https://www.northsidemetrics.com/
Interviewee: Dave Rohrer


Tell me about NorthSide Metrics and what are some of the services that you provide.

I started about five years ago. I work with anything from a startup up to enterprise-level type clients. I work with anything digital. If it’s not something that I can do I’m more than happy to suggest another partner or another consultant or agency that can do it. But specifically, I usually work on either the organic or paid side of things. So that would be Bing or Google ads or it might be helping you with anything in Google or getting in ranked in Bing organically as well.

So compared to some other companies that maybe do very similar things to yours, what makes you unique?

We always talk first about data and what your goals are as far as lead sales, what’s driving your payroll, what’s helping you grow your business. I don’t tend to worry about rankings or the CTR or some of those other metrics. Those all can go into us reaching the goal, but really the goal is usually we want more sales, we want more revenue from more sales, we want add on sales, we want more leads for our sales, people to call people, etc. I start with that and we always work with data and then we work back into what solution or what tactic or what strategy in Google or in Bing or on Facebook or some other search engine or some other site makes sense.

So you mentioned some goals there and successes you’ve had with customers, what would you consider success for your company?

That most of the people that I work with either come back to me. A lot of my smaller clients, they don’t have a lot of budgets. So sometimes we can only work for one or two or maybe six or seven months. Oftentimes they refer more people to me. So anytime I’m either getting referrals or people keep coming back to me or asking me who I would suggest or who I would tell them to work with for whatever the problem is, for me means I’m helping them.

What is one tool that you use personally in your professional life that you believe has made you successful?

Curiosity and Excel. I spend too much time in Excel but otherwise just curiosity and always asking questions. I try to ask more questions of my clients before we start as we work together. And then as we go on. So if there is ever a project or an idea I start asking what the goal is what the resources are so I can understand if it makes sense and when to engage with them on how to how to operate with them.

How do you see your company changing and growing over the next five years?

There are more sources for data now for anyone that’s doing marketing than ever before and a lot of API is on a lot of different sources. Just makes it easier to get a hold of and it’s more cost-effective I think in some cases. So I’m playing with more data and I think more and more people are with programmatic and other things that as much data as we can get to make better decisions. But a lot of times I also see bad setups with data or people using data incorrectly so it’s kind of garbage in garbage out. So you have to make sure you clean the data and the data is valid.

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