“Marketing For Your Future” with Dawn Grant from Dawn Grant Mental Training

Dawn Grant
Owner/Operator at Dawn Grant Mental Training
Website Address: DawnGrant.com

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Dawn Grant from Dawn Grant Mental Training. Dawn Grant Mental Training provides mental training & hypnosis to help people overcome their limiting habits, mindsets and beliefs; enabling them to experience optimal human performance in sport and in life. To learn more, visit https://dawngrant.com

So what exactly is mental training?

It’s kind of a phrase that I coined because I was doing hypnosis with clients in my private practice and realized that in order for them to truly be successful over the long term, I needed to also train them in how to use their mind better. And I think in a more effective or healthy way. Hypnosis could work really well and very quickly and can have a lot of successful people but the ones that it did not have success with, it was ultimately because of the quality of their thoughts like believing that they were going to fail or expecting to not succeed for very long or they would have some kind of stressor in their life and they would revert back to, let’s say, smoking or drinking or sleeping problems or whatever. So I came up with mental training as a way to help people to have more successful lives by teaching them how to use their mind and thoughts better.

Talk about some of the ways that business comes in to your company.

Well word of mouth is always extremely important. You have to obviously be good at what you do for the word of mouth to work. But I think nowadays it’s so different than it was let’s say 15-20 years when when we have the Yellow Pages and people looked up your name and phone number in the Yellow Pages which seems odd nowadays. But I think it’s really important to have not only a good website that is eye catching and appealing and easy to navigate but also has to have good keywords and search engine optimization and the experts that know how to do those things because people are going to search now on the internet and not the yellow pages. And you’re a dime a dozen on the internet unless you have somebody that knows what they’re doing so that you are one of the first businesses to come up in the search criteria.

I see you’ve got a new book coming up. Tell me a little bit about it.

Yes. Yes. So as you mentioned and asked me, I’ve been mental training people and using hypnosis for a while. Most of my clients are actually athletes. So back in 2007, I started working with PGA Tour pros and LPGA pros and and then a lot of other pros in other sports, and I helped Vijay Singh win the FedEx Cup championship and several other golfers to win after working with me, and ultimately they had about 219% increase in earnings in the five events after working with me. So for years I’ve just wanted to write a golf mental training book. So basically it’s for golfers, it’s for the mind game, and it’s really concrete. It’s not just telling someone ‘well you need to focus better on the ball or on your putt,’ it actually explains how to do things like that. And not very many people, very few on the whole planet, have actually done that: broken it down to the point that there are actual skills and techniques that a golfer can not only learn and master but they can then apply in their golf game and really have presence of mind, a quiet mind, and all the aspects that are mental for peak performance in what we call the zone state. So I’ve written a book to help golfers to do that.

And I see you also work a lot with people that do skeet and trap and whatnot. Is it different from that athlete as opposed to golfers or is it a very similar mentality?

Basically a local person here in Fernandina Beach found out that I was working with PGA Tour pros, and he’s a clay target competitive shooter. And he had introduced me then to the sport and had said, “If you can help golfers, you can help clay shooters” because sporting clays is considered golf with a shotgun. And you go station to station and you have to be able to move on from a miss and you have to be able to keep your mind quiet and you can’t get too amped up and you need to be able to perform as well as you practice and you’ve got to maintain a lead or you’ve got to maintain a streak without freaking out or trying too hard. So actually the mental skills are identical from golf into sporting clays or really any sport. So what I teach is applicable to all sports, but yeah shotgun sports ended up being my most popular arena or industry over the last 10 years. I’ve been working mostly with target shooters.


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