“Marketing for Your Future” with Greg Demetriou from Lorraine Gregory Communications

Greg Demetriou
CEO at Lorraine Gregory Communications
Website Address: lorrainegregory.com

What is Lorraine Gregory Communications?

We started this company in 1992 in two little store fronts and we’ve now grown it to a full service integrated marketing company with a difference. We’re in twenty five thousand square feet we have 35 employees. Not only do we have all the digital work, we have a factory in the back of the house where they’re printing and mailing at a very large volume. We also have two TV studios and I happen to be sitting in my green screen studio right now. We’ve made the most complete agency that we believe is in our region because of the factory in the back in the house and the agency in the front of the house. We never lose control of anything.

What are some tools that a business could use, certain software or things in their tool chest that would help them win digitally during this time frame?

We do everything on Zoom. Zoom is a wonderful platform for entrepreneurs that don’t have a big budget and have something to say to the marketplace.

What is the advice that you would give yourself 20 years ago?

At that time I told myself that failure was not an option. I had to show up every day and work as hard as I could. You have to understand the only thing you’re really responsible for is the effort. The results will take care of themselves. You just need to show up every day and do what you know is right for the company.

Greg, if you would finish this sentence for me, in five years Lorraine Gregory communications will what?

We’ll be a national provider for digital and marketing services. We’ve already taken a look at sales offices in five major metropolitan areas. That’s our future. We’ve been aiming at that all along. It depends on how we come out of this COVID mess.


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