“Marketing for Your Future” with Heather Murata from The Wellness Connection

Heather Murata
Owner/Copywriter at The Wellness Connection Copywriting
Website Address: https://thewellnessconnectioncopywriting.com

Tell me about yourself and how The Wellness Connections Copywriting got started.

My company The Wellness Connection Copywriting is mainly just copywriting and I started it fairly recently, it’s still in its infancy. The whole concept behind it is that wellness is a synergistic connection between humans and the planet. The whole theme behind this niche that I created is that healthy people make a healthy planet and vice versa. You can’t really have a healthy person if you don’t have a healthy planet. Everything that I’m passionate about, human health, mental health, physical health, spiritual health and environmental issues are all wrapped up in this niche that I’ve created. If you fall into any of those categories, I will be extremely happy copywriting for you, doing SEO, things like that.

What is the biggest challenge that businesses have when coming up with good content?

Knowing your audience and knowing what your audience needs is probably the key. When I sit down with a new client, the first thing that I would want to do is talk about their ideal customer and who they think that person is.

What is the biggest change that you see coming with COVID-19 and the way people market their companies?

A lot of people need to start focusing more online. Obviously it’s a more virtual reality now. They can’t see their customers face to face the way that they’re used to. Not only that, they need to really start focusing on what how their web site is presenting their business. This is a really great time to just focus inward a little bit and make sure that your web site is putting your best face out there so that people understand what you’re all about and you can get their needs met.

If you would finish this sentence for me, in five years The Wellness Connection Copywriting will be…?

In five years the wellness connection copywriting will probably have so many clients that it might need to start finding more people in my network of connections who I trust and believe would be helpful for other businesses. I’ll just be funneling things, I’ll have to be referring. I don’t really plan on expanding my company to become a major agency or anything like that. I would be happier networking with other copywriters to get my client’s needs met.


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