“Marketing for Your Future” with Jayson Dombele from The Scaling Sauce

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Jordan Ferrell spoke with Jayson Dombele from The Scaling Sauce, a marketing agency both providing services and educating individuals on how to start, market, and scale authentic brands.

Company: The Scaling Sauce

Website Address: www.thescalingsauce.co/

Interviewee: Jayson Dombele

What is The Scaling Sauce?

According to BuzzFeed, we are the fastest growing online digital marketing agency in Chicago. We help public figures and we help entrepreneurs that have businesses focus on marketing and get their brand up and create brand maturity.

What are some of the changes in marketing you have seen in the past few years?

When it comes to influential marketing, a lot of bigger companies and corporations ten to throw money into old marketing newspaper marketing, billboards, and QVC. They’re not as effective now. What they’ve got to understand is that these brands need to invest in the younger generation that is actually envisioning to move forward or change society in any form of matter.

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