“Marketing For Your Future” with Jenny Monzon from DM Digital

Jenny Monzon
Social Media Strategist at DM Digital
Website Address: www.dmdigitalbrand.com

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Jenny Monzon from DM Digital. DM Digital works with individuals and brands who want to attract the attention of qualified prospects so that they can grow their audience online in today’s noisy digital world. To learn more, visit https://www.dannymonzon.com/dmdigital/.

So, Jenny, tell me a little bit about your zones of genius.

Ok. So my journey started a couple of years ago. I am a certified social media strategist and content marketing specialist with DM Digital. We are a bilingual digital marketing agency here in northeast Florida helping brands win online. So our services offer chat automation, social media management, social media strategy, online event planning, things like that. So like I said, I specialize in content marketing and social media strategy.

How has that experience been working with your husband?

It has challenges, but I would say it’s been overall such a great experience. I learned so much from him. Actually when I was filling out the application online with you guys, he’s one of the people that I admire so much because of his tenacity, his willingness to help other people, he just knows so much. He has completely immersed himself in online marketing.

So what skill set does he have that you don’t currently? And then vice versa, what skill set do you have that he doesn’t?

So, one of the positive benefits of working together is that we magnify or utilize each other’s strengths, right? So where his weakness is, I might be really good at, and vice versa. So I’m very organized. He has a lot of things going on in his mind helping a lot of our clients and executing on all that. But he’s really good at building relationships. I cannot tell you how many referrals or business that we’ve gotten because his ability to go out there and connect with other people. So that’s one of the many things I admire.

So as you guys have grown your company, what has been the biggest challenge over the last six months through COVID?

Oh gosh, that’s a great question. I’m going to be really honest. During the past six months of COVID, we thankfully have not lost any clients which I consider a huge win especially during this time. More businesses may not be doing well. So that I would say it’s a plus. As far as challenges, I guess trying to build even more relationships to gain more clients because we are a small boutique agency, it’s just like maybe three of us working here, so we are looking to grow even more. I will say that one of the wins that we have had recently is to help one of our newer e-commerce client stores get to six figure in sales in eight months, especially during this time of the pandemic. So that’s been exciting for us.

So if you could finish this sentence for me: in five years, DM Digital will _____.

Take over the world. No, we do hope to help as many people as possible and grow our business globally.


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