“Marketing for Your Future” with Jim Bilello from US Marketing, Inc.

Jim Bilello
President at US Marketing, Inc.
Website Address: www.usmarketing.bz

What services does your company provide?

Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click

About US Marketing, Inc.:

US Marketing has:
Demonstrated advanced Google Ads skills and expertise. Met higher Google Ads spend requirements across all of our managed accounts in the millions of dollars. Delivered and sustained both agency and client revenue growth. Sustained our current clients as well as having grown our overall client base. Met additional certification and performance requirements beyond the basic Google Partner level. Employ at least two Certified Google Ads specialists with advanced Google Ads knowledge.

How do you define success?

We are successful when our clients are successful. We’ll work with them to define their KPI’s in an individual basis.

What percent of your advertising service offerings does media buying make up?


What makes your company unique?

We’re one of the few agencies that will show you inside your real Google Ads account – most agencies will give you their dashboard to see what they want you to see.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

Fredrick Vallaeys one of the original co-founders of Google Ads and first 500 employees at Google

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?

Don’t try for perfection technology moves too fast. If you get it to 80% go, test, innovate, iterate, do it again and again.

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