“Marketing for Your Future” with Ken Copel from Copel Communication

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Joe Stelma sat down with Ken Copel from Copel Communication.

Copel Communication is proud to provide writing and creative services for boutique consultancies and ad agencies.

Company: Copel Communications

Website Address: www.copelcommunications.com

Interviewee: Ken Copel

What is Copel Communications?

We specialize in writing marketing creative services serving two main categories of clients, one that I call direct creative and the other being a boutique consultancy.

What advice would you give someone entering this industry?

I’ve been through the wringer on this. I’m a former creative director of a New York ad agency, and I think there are some misperceptions about young people starting out in creative services these days. A lot of people are starting out thinking that creativity is the goal. When you are competing to get into this business you have to realize that most everyone is insanely creative, what you need to distinguish yourself is a level of professionalism. The advice that I would give is that you want to look beyond just creating. Ask questions, you want to really listen. If you aren’t getting the input that you think is necessary to understand the big picture, ask questions.

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