“Marketing for Your Future” with Larry Weil from The Sponsorship Guy

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike White and Joe Stelma sat down with Larry Weil from The Sponsorship Guy, a strategy and sales representation firm for companies that utilize events as a marketing channel.

Company: The Sponsorship Guy
Website Address: www.thesponsorshipguy.com
Interviewee: Larry Weil

You went from doing sports sponsorships to more of events sponsorships. What are the advantages of that?

I don’t have to compete against giant agencies number one. Number two, especially with events, I’ve done a lot of stuff in the tech space. It’s really become a marketing channel. With the expansion of digital it’s even more important to get face to face with customers and prospects. Primarily the thing that people come to us for is everybody needs money to make their event go, whether it’s sports or otherwise. Unfortunately, some of those folks haven’t really thought about where can you provide the value to the sponsors. The first thing that I do is learn everything I can about the event so that we can find that alignment that will work for a sponsor. If there is a strong enough alignment and there’s enough volume to make a difference for a sponsor then we’ve got something we can work with. So I help them conceptualize and then design a campaign and then execute a campaign. Many of my clients just don’t feel like they have the expertise or bandwidth to handle the sales once the campaign is designed.

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