“Marketing for Your Future” with Marek Lis from Alchemy Insights

Marek Lis
Owner/Founder at Alchemy Insights
Website Address: www.alchemyinsights.com

About Alchemy Insights:

I help drive work that’s worth celebrating by getting everyone to “click” on what great work looks like and how to deliver it. I make the invisible visible.

What makes your company unique?

I use an ingenious methodology based on Nobel Prize-winning thinking to get everyone on the same page.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

Forsman Bodenfors Ad agency of Sweden. They aim for the amazing in everything they do from their work to the way they engage with clients in the way they run their agency.

Alessandra Bellini – CMO of Tesco. Knows how to get great work from an agency and turn that into business results.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in the same industry?

Create a disciplined process around what success looks like. Put measures against these traits. Manage what you measure.

How do you explain the fact that while advertising clients plan to leave their agency relationships, agencies consistently think the relationship is happy?

It demonstrates that the system is broken. First of all, you have over 50 percent of clients that want to change their agencies in the next 12 months. If you had a plumber or an electrician or a mechanic that had a 50 percent success rate in working on your car or on your house, they wouldn’t be in business for very long. Either the clients are not very good at managing their agencies or the agencies are not very good at being able to manage their clients with a 50-percent failure rate.

What solutions do you suggest?

I use a technique called alignment science. It’s based on the thinking of Thomas Schelling who won the Nobel Prize in 2005 for his work on like-mindedness and also the work of Professor Chris Argyris out of Harvard. If you blend those two schools of thought together, you get alignment science. Alignment science relies on the assumption that people don’t always say what they mean or truly feel, and you need to create a way to be able to get to the truth. Alignment science relies on opinion statements. If you can get the right opinions framed in the right framework or sequence, you can then get a good understanding of the true nature of the sentiment behind those opinions.


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