“Marketing for Your Future” with Cali Hlavac from Silver Shade Studios

Cali Hlavac
Owner at Silver Shade Studios
Website Address: www.silvershadestudios.com

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Cali Hlavac from Silver Shade Studios.
To learn more check out www.silvershadestudios.com.

So tell me a little bit about your company and how you got started.

So Silver Shade Studios was a video production company that I started when I moved to Destin. Originally focused on weddings and corporate events. And people actually saw what I was doing with my own social media and marketing and approached me and asked me, “Hey I would really love if you could do ours.” And that kind of snowballed into this full time gig of managing social media and helping people develop their online brand to best reflect their business in real life. So that’s really my forte and kind of my niche and what I think I’m really good at.

What’s been the biggest challenge of scaling your company?

Time. I have trouble saying no especially to small businesses that I really want to help. I still actually do video production full time but I also do marketing management and social media full time. So I just have this big problem saying no.

So in terms of video, if somebody is coming in, a small business that has a tight budget, what are some of the recommendations you would give them in terms of how to not only create good quality video on a budget but also get it out so people actually watch the video they created?

Sure. The biggest way to create good video on a budget is just to understand lighting: putting lighting on the face of the subject, not in the background. And honestly, it can be done from an iPhone, so it’s a quick upload. And platforms are favoring video. So it’s, you know, so many variable places that you can put it like YouTube and Instagram and Facebook and now TikTok and with Instagram Reels coming out, video is even more highly favored. So it’s definitely something that every business should put into their marketing plan.

So as you continue to grow Silver Shade Studios, what is the next position that you want to hire for?

I need another social media manager, however my stakes are so high for that person. I’ve met a lot of people that manage social media, but to really have a true understanding of what it means to develop an account, to not make it an afterthought but really put a strategy behind the things you’re posting in the captions and the call to actions and things, that’s where I struggle with finding someone to help me because I don’t want someone who just doesn’t get it because they’re not going to put out the kind of quality that I would myself.

Are there any softwares that you utilize that help you save time or get the message out in a greater way?

Yes I’m a big fan of organic posting so the only scheduler that I use is Facebook Creator Studio, and that’s mainly to schedule out my Facebook posts. And then from there I manually, organically upload them to Instagram and then I’ll schedule natively inside YouTube. And I’ve used Tailwind a little bit for Pinterest but, like I said, I just favor organically. I think there’s something about the level of traffic that you get from an organic post versus a scheduled post.

Finish this sentence: in five years, Silver Shade Studios will _____.

Will probably be a full time marketing agency and way less video. That’s always been the long term goal. However, like I said, I can’t say no and I do still have this passion for weddings so I’ve never fully stepped out of that world. But in five years, I would love to just be full time for my clients working on their marketing.


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