“Marketing for Your Future” with Peter Cimoroni from Razor Ltd. LLC

Peter Cimoroni
Chairman and CEO at Razor Ltd. LLC
Website Address: www.razor-marketing.com

What services does your company provide?

Creative, Media Buying and Planning, Social Media, SEO, Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Video, Photography, Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click, Other

About Razor Ltd. LLC:

Full service business best practices firm

How do you define success?

Based on the joint vision of our clients and their ultimate destination

What percent of your advertising service offerings does media buying make up?


What makes your company unique?

We look at every line item on the P and L

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?

Know and be passionate about your vision and be evangelical about it

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