“Marketing for Your Future” with Peter Jude Ricciardi from Brandartica

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike White speaks with Peter Jude Ricciardi from Brandartica.

Brandartica offers clients only their most experienced, competent, and creative team — because that’s all they have. By eliminating non-productive agency roles, they run counter to the agency status quo. Some may consider this disruptive, and it is. That’s precisely how Brandartica likes it.

Company: Brandartica
Website Address: https://brandartica.agency/
Interviewee: Peter Jude Ricciardi

What do you think that the biggest change in radio advertising over the next 12 months is going to be?

I hope that people take things in a more creative direction. I find that, and this is no offense to any sales managers or directors, that there’s a huge break in between selling a product as far as being a salesperson in radio or a television space versus understanding the ins and outs of marketing a brand. What I’m hoping to see is that there comes to be a little bit more of an integration between writing the copy and convincing the client to actually understanding the ins and outs of a brand.

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