“Marketing for Your Future” with Ronda Wilson, Media Buyer/Planner

Ronda Wilson
Sr Media Buyer/Planner at Ronda Wilson
Website Address: www.linkedin.com/in/ronda-b-wilson

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Mike White sat down with Ronda Wilson.

So when a customer comes to you that you’re going to purchase TV, how do you decide whether you’re going to do national or network or cable?

You know, it really depends on budgets, that’s the huge determining factor, and then how many markets they need to reach. If that’s a majority, if it’s over 50 markets is their target, then you might want to consider national versus local spot. It all depends on who the client is, who they’re trying to reach, and the budgets. It really boils down to budget; how much you can stretch that budget.

What’s the importance of GRPs and TRPs?

GRPs and TRPs. They’re kind of interchangeable, but it really tells you how many people that you are reaching in that market. So it’s a rating point, and so as many rating points as you can get tells you how efficient that your buys delivery.

What is frequency and how important is it in a campaign?

Frequency tells you how many times a person is going to see your ad within your schedule. And so it’s interchangeable with a reach as far as reach tells you the overall scope of how many people you’re reaching. So you want a decent amount of frequency but you don’t want it to be so high that you’re over saturating and where your message becomes annoying to the consumer.

How do you feel about buying TV station packages?

As long as the station allows me to drill them and break apart and know exactly what they’re going to deliver and that they guarantee it, I’m fine with the package. But I have to know everything behind the scenes, what’s going into that package.

How do you go about collecting competitive information?

I start with my sales reps and ask them because they’re the ones that are in the market and they can tell me. And so in one market you might go to each station and get their intel and you analyze that. There is market intel, there’s Nielsen, there’s so much information available. You just kind of collect it all, decipher it, and determine what’s the common thread.

How much do media buyers need to rely on the Nielsen books?

If that’s your currency, you have to rely on it a lot. It tells you what a given program is going to do for you. It tells you whether or not it’s a strong market consideration. So again, if that is your currency, then you have to rely on it a lot.


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