“Marketing for Your Future” with Russ Wood from 321RUSS

Russ Wood
CEO at 321RUSS
Website Address: 321RUSS.com

How did 321RUSS get started?

I worked for a handful of different companies, from ad agencies to web development firms and saw all the different layers of advertising and design and started becoming a designer myself. It’s kind of a natural progression. It’s been over 17 years now that I’ve actually been in design and we offer a host of services. I don’t like to call it that ourselves a whole service marketing agency necessarily, it’s a little bit too out there and gaudy. We do a few things really well and that’s in the line of branding and the line of web development.

What makes 321RUSS unique?

Well I think most ad agencies like to think of themselves as unique. We pay attention to the client’s story and we try to pull that out. It’s not really about us being unique as much as it’s about how we listen to the client’s story and helping them be unique and stand out in their market. It’s not really about us. We’re the guy, we’re not the hero of the story. Our clients are.

How do you define success in a working relationship?

Sometimes success looks like for us just giving the right word the right time that the client needs to hear. Sometimes it’s walking somebody through the process, somebody who goes “I want to start a business but I don’t have anything put together yet.” We help build that brand, help establish them in their market. A win for us is when a client actually gets the result that they need and sometimes we can’t give them that result. One of our values is results and that doesn’t just mean results that we create here. Sometimes it’s acknowledging that there are some people that are really great at what they do that we’ve gotten to know over the years in different industries. We will recommend people to even competition at times because we know they’re gonna be better served there, rather than trying to scratch and claw and keep the client happy. We need to deliver results to our clients confidently or we can recommend to some than someone else and have it be a result that they need to have. Getting greedy about clients getting greedy about money is a sure way to ruin any success that you’re looking at. You might have some monetary success but that’s short term and I’m proud to say we’ve built ourselves on a lot of word of mouth.


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