“Marketing for Your Future” with Tim Smith from CHEMISTRY

Tim Smith
President at CHEMISTRY
Website Address: https://www.chemistryagency.com/

What services does your company provide?

Creative, Media Buying and Planning, Social Media, SEO, Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Video

How do you define success?

Happy people and clients

What percent of your advertising service offerings does media buying make up?


What makes your company unique?

We always bring the unexpected.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

Goodby and Wieden: Old School but keep reinventing

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?

Do. Make decisions, move forward, make mistakes, learn, and make new decisions.

How did CHEMISTRY get started?

Well, we’re actually a product of some mergers. I had a company for about 10 years. We had some needs and some infrastructure needs. We’re a very creative driven company, but we really had some digital needs and media buying needs, and we found some partners that work with that. And we all became CHEMISTRY. So, we’ve got agencies and locations here in Atlanta, we’ve got Pittsburgh, a small office in Nashville, and we will have an office by the end of the year in Miami. It’s a multicultural office as well.

How does CHEMISTRY stand out from other agencies?

So, a couple of things. We are a very big believer in culture, for sure. Our three pillars are hunger, hustle, and blow shit up. We basically look for the right people that are hungry and want to solve things. We believe that everything’s an experiment. Meaning you have to push yourself to try different things at all times. We explain this to any potential clients in order to kind of vet who we’re working with. Because with the way marketing is now, there’s a lot of ways to experiment and make sure things are working before you go down a big path. So we’re always experimenting, always pushing both messaging and ways to get the media out, etc. So that sets us apart, and we always say that we bring more than you expect. That’s sort of a thing that we pride ourselves on that we hope sets us apart as well.

What is your ally internship?

Traditionally, a lot of companies didn’t want to delve into what I’d call “politics,” but we believe very heavy in it. We’ve done a lot of efforts to really up our game as far as diversity and inclusion go. Unfortunately, we still are about 17-percent here within the total agency and Atlanta, in particular, is about just over 30. So we’ve got a little bit to go, but we’re doing a lot of stuff. We have a few things going on. Ones called Big Facts, Small Acts which is a COVID-awareness campaign for minorities.

One way to help the agency and really get some folks in here is a program with Cam Kirk, a hip hop photographer. He is very popular here in Atlanta. We reached out to him, and we’re gonna do sort of a dual internship. So we do a lot of internships, but this is a little bit different. This mixes not just marketing but more of his artistic take on it so that kids can kind of come in, and they can get a broader experience. It helps open them up to maybe some paths that they hadn’t thought of, particularly in advertising and marketing. The whole industry is low as far as minorities go. So, we’re trying to really make many people aware that this is a possibility. And, of course, just benefit those who actually come into the internship as well.

Why are companies vocalizing their stance on issues now, and why is that important?

Well, first of all, it’s great that it’s happening. It is a whole shift in the mentality of not only our industry but businesses in general. I mean, in the last two to three pitches, one of the questions on RFI, RFP, is “Explain your diversity. What are your percentages? What are you doing?” And then always sort of in the capabilities presentation, when we get questions at the end, it is, “What have you done? What are you doing?” So it’s not only smart morally or what we want to do, but it’s a very smart business move. I mean, those are the types of companies we want to work for, the more progressive companies. It’s really taken ahold. If you don’t have women that are part of your leadership, minorities that are part of your leadership, diverse thinking that is a part of your leadership, then you’re going to lose in the end.


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