“Marketing for Your Future” with Tom Panos from Kinetic Growth

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Jordan Ferrell spoke with Tom Panos from Kinetic Growth, a new kind of consulting firm that blends valuable insights with the ability to actually execute on recommendations by functioning as your internal sales and marketing team.

Company: Kinetic Growth

Website Address: www.kinetic-growth.com

Interviewee: Tom Panos

What is Kinetic Growth?

We are focused on working with young companies; primarily startups or any type of company that really doesn’t have an internal or dedicated sales and marketing team. We actually can come in and function as that company’s internal sales and marketing group. What many startups struggle with is that the founder is often the creator of the given technology, whether it’s an H.R. platform or a CRM, whatever that technology might be. They’re often quite focused on product development and what I’ve noticed is that there is a tendency to focus heavily on driving traffic to the Web site, building a very strong demand generation engine. With that, sales can often get pushed down to the bottom of the priority list.

What has been the most successful marketing platform for Kinetic Growth?

There is almost an endless amount when it comes to sales, marketing automation, and sales enablement. It can get pretty staggering when you’re trying to go out there and figure out what aligns best with your organization. Look at what’s out there that’s either free or low cost. You’d be surprised at the amount of completely free CRMs that are out there for up to 10 or so users. The same goes for marketing automation platforms. PipeDrive is a CRM software and I’ve always found it to be very aligned with the types of sales activities and marketing activities that a startup focuses on.

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