“Marketing for Your Future” with Alex Alexander from KCo Ad Agency

Alex Alexander
VP at KCo Ad Agency
Website Address: https://www.kcoad.com/

About KCo Ad Agency:

KCo Ad Agency, KCo for short, is a full-service Advertising Agency that stays on top of today’s media trends. Since the very beginning, over 10 years ago, the mission was simple. That mission was to provide each client with the attention and satisfaction they deserve. Today, that mission hasn’t changed. We are always exploring new ways to get your brand in front of the consumer. We research the demographics and develop every ad accordingly.

Advertising is easy. Doing it correctly, however, is where we come in.

KCo has over a decade of experience in increasing bottom lines for your clients. What do you think is the key component in bringing that success to your clients?

Looking for changing in the market before it actually changes and being able to bring that kind of information to the client prior.

How has KCo changed its strategies to adhere to the changing attitudes of consumers in COVID?

When you’re talking about strategies from our standpoint, it’s just making sure that the clients with us have the ability to have a better online presence. Realizing that, when it comes to buying there’s a lot less of traditional being purchased whether it be TV or radio or print, and more consumption by the end-user online. Any of the clients that, over the last decade, we have had the opportunity to push them into the online presence have an ability to produce a product or to move product online and are more resilient to COVID than the typical brick and mortar buildings that don’t have the online presences.

Coming out of COVID, do you think that spending and consumption patterns are going to change, and do you think that that’s actually going to be permanent?

I think as a company that produces media for everything and, of course, buys for everything, there’s always going to be the need for traditional. While spending may be down right now between the COVID and also political buying that kind of stuff, after this I think that we will take money and put it back into traditional, but I think that the numbers will be skewed. When we first started the digital side of our business, which was back in 2015, about 20 percent of our clients were digital spends. Going into ’18 and ’19, over 80 percent of our spends are in digital. Right now, almost 100-percent of our spends from digital. So as we come out of this, I do believe we’re still going to go back to some traditional marketing.


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