“Marketing for Your Future” with John Glaser from BathWraps

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our hosts talk to experts in the media industry. Today, Jordan Ferrell sat down with John Glaser from BathWraps. Formerly doing business as Liner’s Direct, BathWraps manufactures its products outside of Chicago. The company is an industry leader in technical innovation and one of the fastest-growing acrylic manufacturers in the industry. To learn more, visit www.bathwraps.com

Company: BathWraps
Website Address: bathwraps.com
Interviewee’s Name: John Glaser

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I spent my career in advertising, predominately in television, but a couple of years ago I went back to my roots of media planning and came here to Bath Wraps. We are running a pretty big lead generation program for our dealers. Bath Wrap specializes in one day bath remodels. We only focus on the wet space in the bathroom we don’t do toilets sinks anything like that, just the shower/ bath area.

So looking ahead, what do you see the business going in five years as far as its market is concerned.

Digital is really where I think all the growth opportunities are coming. We have traditional dealers who have been in this home remodeling business for a long time that are still very much in love with the TV and print leads that we’re able to develop for them. But it’s tougher and tougher to find those leads as viewership and leadership continues to go down so digital is really where it’s coming and where all that business is. A lot of the tracking that we can now do once somebody goes online and begins to research bath remodel or shower remodel any of those categories we can start to track them or really go after them.

So if I ask you one piece of advice you could share with somebody that was looking to get into media buying a media planning or just marketing and advertising it this day and age what would be that one piece of advice.

Best piece of advice is really stay educated because every day I’m being introduced to new sources and new opportunities. And ten years ago nobody ever even talked about digital and now that’s really the opportunity so if you’re not adapting, if you’re not learning, if you’re not growing in terms of the sources you understand and the opportunities that are out there really become obsolete very quickly.

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