“Media Champions” with Christina Skirvin, Media Buyer/Planner

Christina Skirvin
Senior Media Strategist/Planner/Buyer at Freelancer

On “Media Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the media community. This week Mary Jo Van Horn speaks with Christina Skirvin.

What does a media buyer do?

Well a media buyer buys the actual ad placements wherever your ad is going to run.


What tools do media buyers use?

Oh yeah, well as a planner, you have to be doing research. There’s a lot of different research tools out there that you can use. Once you put the plan together then there’s a lot of different media buying softwares out there. I’ve use Strata. Bluhorn, of course, is a media buying software. You can also use Excel. And there’s lots of other tools out there, for example, to get media rating points in TV and radio. You’re looking at Nielsen and ComScore and there’s lots of different resources out there.


What is the importance of media planning?

Oh, very important. You’ve got to understand what the strategies and goals are in order put the media plan together. So you’re looking at who the target audience is, what their interests are, what their media consumption habits are. You’re looking at what the budget spend is. You’re looking at what is the measurable outcomes that we want, and all of that dictates what the media mix will be and how you put that media plan together before you actually execute the media buy.


How do you handle the stress of everyday life and the stress of being a freelance media buyer and planner? What’s your go-to strategy?

Well I’m very organized. I’m very much a planner and I think by having a plan, a to do list, asking lots of questions, and keeping myself organized, it definitely keeps the stress down and keeps me focused and moving forward.


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