“Media Champions” with Maya Raj Andreadis

Maya Raj Andreadis
CEO at Andreadis Advertising

Each week on “Media Champions,” our host Mary Jo Van Horn speaks to experts within the vast media community. This week, Mary Jo Van spoke with Maya Raj Andreadis of Andreadis Advertising, a full-service production, broadcast media negotiation, placement, and post-analysis firm.

What does a media buyer do?

So a media buyer, for all intents and purposes, works directly with the suppliers and the market and with the clients basically putting in place the media plan that the planner has decided on with the client. So they are executing the buys, they’re working through the insertion orders, they’re making sure everything is up to par on the back end, and reconciling invoices and handling traffic as well.


Maya Raj, what tools do most media buyers use? What tools do you use?

So in the past, I’ve used SmartPlus, I use Marshall Marketing, I use Scarborough, and I’m just starting to learn BluHorn as well which I find is quite an advantage over some of the other software I’ve used in the past. So I’m very excited to start with this new product, and the way that it integrates with Nielsen and the way that they’re reporting is very easy; it’s gonna be an excellent tool.


And what is the importance of media planning? Tell us a little bit about media planning.

So media planning really is the top level before media buying where you figure out what the client’s needs and expectations are in the market and how to accomplish those goals. So you figure out the marketing mix, what the return on investment should look like, and what criteria they’re going to use to judge a successful campaign. And then, in turn, the media buyer takes it from there.


How long have you been doing media buying and planning?

So I’ve been in the business about 25 years. Started pretty much right out of college. I worked at a TV station to begin with and then quickly turned over into the buying side from the sales side.


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