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Media Planning With BluHorn

Save Time & Money

  • Integrate with Nielsen & Comscore Ratings Services
  • Generate Rankers with Custom Settings
  • Generate Inventory Searches
  • Access Books & Trends for Historical Rating Planning
  • Access Digital Insights for Optimization
  • Generate Rate Request Forms
  • Create Campaign & Worksheet Level Reporting

Untitled Design (6)Ratings Integration

Our system directly integrates with Nielsen and/or Comscore ratings data to streamline your planning and buying.  Need a rep at either service?  No problem!  We can help!

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Inventory Searches

When planning a buy, time is of the essence.  Search prior buys and inventory in the system for the programs or ratings you need.  Comscore users can search  all data in a market too!

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Digital Insights

We can provide integration of your data from Google Analytics, Facebook Direct, and BluHorn Programmatic into your digital worksheets to analyze and plan what drives results for your clients.

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Create rankers for any market you subscribe to in just a few clicks.  Add customization to filter the data to find your target audience.

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Books & Trends

Historical rating data can be accessed by individual programming line to allow users the opportunity to adjust estimations based on programming prior performance.

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Rate Request Form

Quickly populate a form to send your reps as a rate request form from right within your planning worksheet.  Check to see that your calculated rates and CPPs are in line with theirs before finalizing your buy.

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Campaign & Worksheet Level Reporting

BluHorn offers clients the option to create reports to meet their needs.  With a multitude of options right within a worksheet, to campaign reports pulling together all media types, to vendor and billing and so much more!

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