“More 2 Know” with Christina Skirvin

Christina Skirvin
Senior Media Strategist/Planner/Buyer at Freelancer

On “More 2 Know,” our host speaks with media buying experts across the nation. Today Wes speaks with Christina Skirvin.

How did you get started in this world 15 years ago, if I’m not mistaken?

Yeah, well right out of college I landed here at an agency in Portland, a pretty big agency. I didn’t understand it at the time; they were the in-house agency for Kroger Companies. And I spent a few years there and then went to a different agency right out of college.


 What advice would you offer people who are just getting into this role, either fresh out of college or maybe it’s a career change like they find themselves no longer in the career that they used to be thanks to COVID or other circumstances?

Well if you like media, it’s always changing. So you really have to like change. You have to like relationships and always learning. That’s really important in this industry. Yeah I was a planner and a buyer 15 years ago, but the media landscape looks a lot different. Looked a lot different than than it does now. And so it’s just really important, no matter what stage you’re in, to always be educating yourself, staying up on all the trends. And I think that a lot of people probably coming and nowadays have a lot of digital experience which is very important but I think to be well-rounded and to really be a media planner that can recommend everything in the media plan and do a media buy, you really have to know traditional media as well.


What are some techniques or benefits that you saw in the traditional world that have been lost to digital that you’d like to maybe see brought back up?

Well I mean, there’s so many great things about digital especially with targeting, which not going to take away from that; that’s absolutely wonderful. Also getting results a lot faster. But there’s something about traditional. When you’re doing media planning and buying, the important part is getting to your audience, reaching as many as you can as frequently as possible. And I think we’re so overwhelmed with messages in the digital realm that a billboard stands out. When we’re reading a magazine and maybe not 50 million ads but a couple of those ads stand out. So it’s all about positioning. It’s the guerrilla marketing. Those kinds of things really do stand out now because we’re kind of overwhelmed with the digital messages. And it’s really important, I think, when you’re putting a media plan together to think of all the different pieces.


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