“More 2 Know” with Dan Santa Lucia, Media Buyer/Planner

Dan Santa Lucia
Media Buyer/Account Supervisor at Dan Santa Lucia
Website Address: www.linkedin.com/in/dansantalucia

On “More 2 Know,” our host speaks with media buying experts across the nation. Today Wes speaks with Dan Santa Lucia.

Where do you see things going personally over the next five to 10 years?

Yeah I see that there is going to be even more content providers and platforms out there for consumers to subscribe and get their content from. I see that some of the providers now launching their own streaming services. I know NBC just launched Peacock just recently and they had their own custom content for that platform that only their subscribers can get. I’m starting to see, what I’m predicting anyways in the next few years, is that even more networks are going to be having their own streaming services with their own original content that you can only get from that provider versus going through like a cable provider and be able to go like, “I want to be on so many different cable networks or I want to be on traditional broadcast or radio.” Having one rep for one station is no longer the case but having multiple reps selling multiple different platforms to reach that audience because the audience is continuing to become even more fragmented as we go on. So that’s how I’m seeing media and the media landscape change in the next few years.


Let’s talk about reps because I’m not sure if they might be a dinosaur in the making here. Do you still think there will be vendor reps in the next five to 10 years?

Yeah I still think so because you’re going to have to purchase that media and reserve that inventory with somebody. I don’t foresee broadcast TV completely shutting down in five years. I don’t see traditional radio shutting down in five years. So you’re still going to have to talk to that rep to negotiate, plan, and purchase that media. And you’re still going to do the same with the vendor reps on the streaming platforms and being like “OK if I have this budget, I’m planning on giving you this much share of the media spend. What are you going to do to help with our campaigns? Whether that’s increasing impressions for it having a promotion putting a tag whatever to kind of help enhance the media campaign.” So to answer your question, Wes, I don’t foresee reps going away altogether in the next 5 years.


As a media buyer, planner, someone with nearly 20 years of expertise, how do you differentiate yourself from other media buyers and planners out there?

One of the things that I know that differentiates me from other media buyers and planners is that I like to put in my research and I like to explore new opportunities and new platforms and new strategies. Something that not everyone is doing quite yet, experimenting with different platforms and trying to find out what’s different about them and seeing if that makes sense in this media mix because everyone’s offering something a little bit different than the next person and the next vendor and the next platform. So trying to find that next thing that can separate my clients from their competition whether it’s a promotion, an experience, a sponsorship, something that they can own versus just the generic spots.


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