“More to Know” with Alex Alexander from KCo Ad Agency

Alex Alexander
VP at KCo Ad Agency
Website Address: https://www.kcoad.com/

What services does your company provide?

Creative, Media Buying and Planning, Social Media, SEO, Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Video, Photography, Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click, Other

About KCo Ad Agency:

Over a decade in Advertising & Marketing. Became a digital agency in 2015

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

DJT- gave up everything to help our country, while being lambasted by the media daily

What makes your company unique?


If you were to restart your marketing agency, what are the 2 most important positions you would hire for and why?

Graphic Designer

How do you define success?

Happy clients

What is one tip that you would give a CEO when it comes to marketing?

Know your target audience

What are your three favorite marketing software that you use and why?

Adobe Suite- Creatively has what we need to get the job done.
Basecamp- Keeps us running smoothly.

Finish the sentence – When it comes to marketing in 5 years…

Everything will change.

How has COVID affected KCo Ad Agency?

Our clients who had pretty much moved their strategies to digital and those who can sell online have been doing pretty well. It’s the people who say “I don’t want to change” and “I know better” that are really having a rough time. A couple of them are in states that are locked down and brick and mortar companies are, I mean to say suffering would be putting it very lightly. For the most part, those people who have the ability to push a product and sell a product online have seen record sales.


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