“More to Know” with Marek Lis from Alchemy Insights

Marek Lis
Owner/Founder at Alchemy Insights
Website Address: www.alchemyinsights.com

About Alchemy Insights:

I get everyone to “click” on what great work looks like and how to deliver it. I make the invisible visible.

The Biggest change in marketing that I see coming in the next 5 years is?

Land of the Giants. Bigger brands. Bigger agencies. A bunch of small players avoiding getting squashed.

What makes your company unique?

I use an ingenious methodology and technology platform based on Nobel Prize-winning thinking to get everyone on the same page on how to move forward.

Tell us about a recent success story.

Unilever and DDB had a relationship that had gone south. Nobody at the agency wanted to work on the business and the client was ready to fire the agency. The client was smart enough to know they shared equal responsibility for the problem. In 6 months the relationship turned around so that they were producing great work that was getting great business results. People at the agency were fighting to work on the business. The client became more profitable for the agency. Everyone working on the business was promoted to better positions.

What is one tip you would provide someone asking for your marketing advice?

Stand for something. Make it stick.

Does any person’s opinion carry more weight?

In reality, it’s usually the person with the checkbook. Their opinion carries more weight. That’s just the reality of the business. However, I found that those people appreciate the fact that they are dealing with people who have a spine, who have a steadfast opinion, and want to protect the integrity of their work. So it’s all about getting the discussion, getting the argument around the work to a much more constructive place. So I call it healthy tension, and you want to celebrate that tension. You don’t want to get rid of it. If you get rid of it and everyone’s just agreeing and playing nice, you usually producing very very boring work. And that’s a death knell for an agency. So you want to celebrate that there’s that healthy tension there but to do it in a respectful way.

What exactly is healthy tension?

The healthy tension is if there has been a good solid discussion, a good disciplined discussion, about what we want that work to do, what we want that work to look like, and that has been properly articulated. And very few people actually do this. Very few people actually go through this discipline. And it will save a hell of a lot of heartache and angst if people would do this more, that these agencies would do this more, and that is, have a proper, disciplined, structured discussion around the opinions surrounding the work. I have a technique that I use, it’s a technique that’s been used by many Fortune 100 companies, and I’m applying that exact same technique in an affordable and practical way for advertising agencies to use and that is to greet groups of highly opinionated people all on the same page so they can click.


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