Meet The Team – Customer Support Manager/Executive Assistant

BluHorn® Media Solutions is proud to introduce the newest member of our team, Tamara Taylor.  Tamara will be managing our customer service team and serving as an executive assistant.

Here is her short bio:

Tamara Taylor, Customer Service Manager/Executive Assistant at BluHorn, brings ten years of web-based application development expertise and over seven years of customer service and support experience to the team.
She has worked in numerous areas of web development throughout her career, including user-interface design, back-end application development, and mobile application design/development.
In addition, she spent three of the last five years as an IT Help Desk Manager overseeing and directly assisting in the customer support process; helping customers learn to use online web applications and install/use software applications on Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
Tamara’s education includes a Bachelors degree from the University of Florida (Gainesville) in Food Science and Human Nutrition and a Masters in Business Administration from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (Tallahassee).
Tamara is a married mother of two teenage daughters who are readily immersed in dance, theater, and film. She enjoys biking, running, and tennis in her free time.

Just like in our prior “Getting To Know You” posts, we wanted you to be able to read a little Q&A about our new staff:
What is your role at BluHorn? I am the Customer Service Manager/Executive Assistant at BluHorn.

What did you do before you were with BluHorn?  Over the past ten years I’ve been active in various areas of web-based application development, including user-interface design, back-end application development, and mobile application (app) development. I spent roughly five of those years also operating in a customer support capacity… conducting online training sessions and working with customers to ensure they knew how to use applications I was working on. I also spent three of the last five years in an IT Help Desk management capacity, overseeing the customer support process and helping to mold the relationship between the Development and Operations.

What are you looking forward to working for BluHorn/in the software biz?   I love technology. It’s really cool to me to see all of the possibilities and capabilities come to life from an idea to something that people can actually use. I’m passionate about being a part of that process.

What’s your favorite feature of BluHorn?  I love the overall ease of use. That’s what initially excited me about the actual platform itself. As a user, I love to be able to dive into something quickly and work within a system seamlessly… that’s what we strive to create for our users here at BluHorn.

Where do you live?  I operate out of our Jacksonville, Florida office.

How long have you lived in Jacksonville?  I’ve been in Jacksonville for 11 years now. Wow, that seems like a long time! Growing up I moved to a new city every 5-6 years as one of my parents was promoted (which required moving to a different territory where an opportunity became available). I like that I was able to live different places and see the similarities between each area we lived even though the cities were hundreds of mile apart.

What do you like to do in your free time?  I like to attend my daughters’ functions (plays and film screenings), watch movies, run, bike, and occasionally go on a cruise or do some hiking.

Describe the media industry in one word. Exciting!

Tamara will be providing BluHorn users and potential users with the same level of customer support that you’ve grown to know and love.  We are thrilled to have her as part of our team and we know you will love her too!

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