Adam Gordon – Executive Highlight

Adam Gordon – Executive Highlight

Adam Gordon
Writer, CEO at Sapients Consulting
Website Address:

What services does your company provide?

Creative, Social Media, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click

About Sapients Consulting:

Sapients Consulting produces Narrative Marketing for small to large companies. We keep audiences engaged through the power of authentic narrative across all media.

When it comes to strategy, is it more about the story you tell or your CPM? How does this affect your KPIs either way?

“Nothing is as powerful as a great story” Tyrion Lannister, 5/2019
If the story’s not there, there is nothing to drive the M in CPM.

How important is your content/creative to your programmatic efforts?

Sapients doesn’t do media buying, and we do provide highly creative pieces for placement.

Volume. What does this mean to you? Is Quality vs. Quantity still measurable in the digital space?

Absolutely. Each company, each campaign, may need to find the right balance.

What does Data Driven Marketing mean to you?

A story without data is a fantasy: data without a story is boring.
Using data means listening to your market’s stories and incorporating them into the strategy and the story you’re telling.

You’ve most likely “failed” on your commitment to a client. What did you do about it? Did it make your relationship stronger or break it? On the flip side of that, have you ever “fired” a client?

Many times with a wide variety of results. Some recovered and got stronger because of it, and some fell apart. Firing a client can be, for an agency, one of the most empowering experiences you can have.

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