Ariana Brajkovich – BluHorn Executive Highlight

Ariana Brajkovich – BluHorn Executive Highlight

Ariana Brajkovich
Media Buyer at Misfit Media
Website Address:

What services does your company provide?

Marketing Strategy

About Misfit Media:

Direct response restaurant marketing agency

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

Nina Williams. I derive a lot of my career inspiration from people who also inspire me in my non-career-centric passions. Nina is a world class climber who is driven by the beauty she sees in the rocks she climbs. I find it extremely important to find the beauty in all of the challenges you face and to always recognize that breaking new ground never comes without risk.

What makes your company unique?

Our service is a full business development program that helps restaurants acquire new customers who keep coming back. Our

If you were to restart your marketing agency, what are the 2 most important positions you would hire for and why?

It all comes down to your partner. If you try to take something on entirely on your own, you’ll run out of time and, frankly, ability. Our founders complement each other very well when it comes to their skillsets and mentalities.

How do you define success?

Success in terms of a campaign will always be quantitative. However, when looking at success in a general life sense, it can be found at any time where there is a learning/teaching moment and progress is still possible. As long as something more/new/better can be done (and you are moving in that direction) you are seeing success. More plainly, I’d define the opposite of success as stagnation.

What is one tip that you would give a CEO when it comes to marketing?

Keep an open mind and don’t get exclusively attached to one form of marketing.

What are your three favorite marketing software that you use and why?

InfusionSoft, Google Ads Editor, Facebook Ads Manager. A solid base sets you up for unlimited expansion.

Finish the sentence – When it comes to marketing in 5 years……

data will be everything.

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