Arthia Nixon – Executive Highlight

Arthia Nixon – Executive Highlight

Arthia Nixon
Publicist and Media Strategist at Arthia Nixon Media
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What services does your company provide?

Public Relations

About Arthia Nixon Media:

Arthia Nixon Media is an Atlanta-based boutique PR firm founded an award-winning journalist with clients from North America, the Caribbean, UK and Africa. Thia began her 20-year media career as a staff reporter at The Tribune newspaper in The Bahamas when she was sixteen-years-old. By 21, she was a senior writer for a nationally-known in-flight magazine and was later a correspondent/contributor with several entities including CNN, CBC Canada and more. She has since worked in print, broadcasting, public relations, political campaigns and her client lists includes authors, diplomats, child prodigies, entertainers, organizations and more.

How do you define success?

Success is being visible, owning your narrative and as my company motto says “documenting it so that it might exist”. Its about captivating with stories and resonating with an audience. Personally, success is achieving your goals and being happy.

What makes your company unique?

I found an underserved niche with clients who are women, Caribbean, African-American or youth denographics drawn from my own experience in those demographics and as an entertainment industry mom. I know the side of a journalist as well as a publicist so I connect directly to colleagues in these realms.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

There are several peers who I admire but I also admire the women who have paved the way. My media mentor and godmother is Clara McClaughlin, the first African-American woman to own a television station at a time when Oprah was just getting syndicated. She gave me my first media opportunity in the USA at a time I needed to remind myself that I was more than the woman fleeing an abusive relationship with a child. She reminded me of my purpose and gift and that helped me heal. Because of her, a lot of who I became in media emerged. The other is my 15 year old Alejandra Stack who is an award winning journalist and author who went from tagging along with me when I did not have a sitter to an incredible world change and storyteller for her generation.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?

To know that the www is worldwide so think beyond your box for global impact. I grew up on Eleuthera, a 110 mile long island with 10k people in The Bahamas. I always knew the world was within reach. Even with journalism, I knew, make an impact and help change laws and make the powerful accountable.

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