Brittany Bosowski – Executive Highlight

Brittany Bosowski – Executive Highlight

Brittany Bosowski
Ms at Native Cultured Teas
Website Address:

What services does your company provide?

Media Buying and Planning, Social Media, Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click, Other

About Native Cultured Teas:

We have chosen our favorite family recipes that have been part of family gatherings for generations to share with your family.

Our recipes and teas have been part of our cultural experience which binds our family together. It is our hope that our family recipes and teas become a part of your family’s life, helping foster a togetherness that we relish and enjoy.

We also take pride in offering unique products from around the world that we find to be of exceptional quality and flavor.

How do you define success?

For Native Cultures Teas, success is defined by our customer’s feeling of peace that comes with drinking our teas

What makes your company unique?

The uniqueness of Native Cultured Teas comes from our wonderful, rich blends of chocolate, various teas, flowers, and fruits. The fine quality of our blends creates a long lasting beautiful taste.
Our teas are unique as well as they are part of our daily life.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

Native Cultured Teas finds inspiration in the branding and marketing of Goya Foods. As a Latin and Native American family owned business, we are excited about Goya’s cultural presentation of Our Latin way of life through food to the World. Goya Foods brings cultural awareness of our Latin way of life worldwide. Native Cultured Teas’s branding and marketing mission is to share with the world out Latin Culture’s use of tea to promote peace and health to the World’s daily life.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?

Our success at Native Cultured Teas arises from our products’ being part of our daily way of living. Drinking our tea is how we stay healthy, how we communicate as a family, and how we invite others into our home. Our teas are who we are. When products are part of your daily life, customers can feel your passion and a connection is created. The process of selling and buying becomes a healthy attachment between Us snd our customers.

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