Danny Mehl – Executive Highlight

Danny Mehl – Executive Highlight

Danny Mehl
Creative Director / Designer at Danny Mehl Studio
Website Address: http://dannymehl.studio

What services does your company provide?

Creative, Social Media, Marketing Strategy, Video, Photography

About Danny Mehl Studio:

Danny Mehl Studio is a multi-disciplinary creative firm specializing in branding, design and advertising creative.

How do you define success?

Doing the best work possible why keeping your independence.

What percent of your advertising service offerings does media buying make up?


What makes your company unique?

I am able to offer clients award-winning quality creative at a fraction of the cost if working with a bigger ad agency or design firm. I avoid the costs that come with a traditional model (large building and staff) by working solo and bringing additional people in on projects as needed.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

Pentagram, BBDO, Jessica Hische, Jon Contino. They all do great creative work even though working in very different styles and media.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?

Always aim for doing the best work rather than trying to make the most money.

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