Glen Day – BluHorn Executive Profile

Glen Day – BluHorn Executive Profile

Glen Day
Founder at PROJECTOR
Website Address:

What services does your company provide?

Creative, Media Buying and Planning, Social Media, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Video, Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click


We’re a curated group of established advertising professionals across all disciplines. We work together in a new agency model with great autonomy and less friction.

How do you define success?

Determining the right audience and creating ongoing engagement.

What percent of your advertising service offerings does media buying make up?


What makes your company unique?

We don’t just tell your story. We project it to the right audience at the right time and place.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

Steve Babcock, Alex Bogusky, and Elon Musk. Even with all their success, they’re constantly seeking the next way to succeed.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?

Never hide from the competition. Simply run so fast they can’t keep up.

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