Keven Pimentel – Executive Highlight

Keven Pimentel – Executive Highlight

Keven Pimentel
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What services does your company provide?

Creative, Media Buying and Planning, Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click, Other


Business Development and Marketing Consulting

When it comes to strategy, is it more about the story you tell or your CPM? How does this affect your KPIs either way?

It’s 50/50 because ultimately your story is a driving force behind the emotional stimuli of getting someone to convert. The CPM is merely a measurement for how effective your targeting and content is. The story should be “selling its self” which should translate into initial conversions, however, the CPM is only an indicator of the value you’re getting from the campaign. Ultimately your KPI will depend on the efficacy of your story which translates into lower CPM’s higher conversion rates.

How important is your content/creative to your programmatic efforts?

Content is key to getting the right message across as well as stimulating the right thought process from the user to get them to convert the way you are intending them to.

Volume. What does this mean to you? Is Quality vs. Quantity still measurable in the digital space?

Absolutely, quality should always be the basis of every campaign. Quality = lower overall cost and higher value. Quantity can create a disaster or ultimately an ineffective campaign with marketing dollars being thrown in every direction hoping something sticks. An analogy would be the precision of a sniper rifle compared to a machine gun spraying everywhere, you’re not going to convert as effectively if you’re not being specific about what you are targeting/advertising.

What does Data Driven Marketing mean to you?

It means having the ability to definitevely measure your campaign in ways that were not possible before. It goes deeper than sales, a simple click can tell you more than a sale because the measurement can be linked to a source. Once you understand what is working and what isn’t, you can take your ego and “gut feelings” out of the equation which allows true value to show it’s beautiful face.

You’ve most likely “failed” on your commitment to a client. What did you do about it? Did it make your relationship stronger or break it? On the flip side of that, have you ever “fired” a client?

My failure to my client was rectified by being transparent about what caused the failure and showing the steps that will be taken to rectify. This business is guaranteed to have failure because it’s part of the method of growing the business. Like digging for gold or oil. The cost of investigating and digging sites that are not going to yield any value are already factored into the budget/expectations of the company.

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