Liz Sara – Executive Highlight

Liz Sara – Executive Highlight

Liz Sara
Chairman at National Women’s Business Council
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About the National Women’s Business Council:

Liz Sara has more than 30 years of experience in the high-tech community as an entrepreneur, business leader, and angel investor. Besides running her own marketing strategy firm for nearly 20 years, she serves as the Presidentially-appointed Chair of the National Women’s Business Council, a non-partisan federal agency supporting female founders.

What excites you the most about your industry? What concerns you?

As a female entrepreneur, I’m passionate about helping the next generation of women entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses. The NWBC supports women in this journey by making recommendations to Congress, The White Houses, and the SBA that will help women overcome obstacles. Of top concern — now more than ever — is access to capital. Women receive far less than their male counterparts from venture capital dollars or from commercial bank loans. We’re trying to level that out.

What is your greatest advice for women leaders in your field?

Tenacity is key. All entrepreneurs face setbacks along the way. Don’t let them derail or stop you. Don’t quit. There’s a great quote from the baseball star Babe Ruth: “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

What’s the biggest mistake you see women make in advertising, PR, and media?

Not charging enough for their expertise and services. Men don’t have that problem. We need to have more confidence in our experience and how it will benefit our clients; those clients need to pay for that and not expect to get it for less because we are women.

Which women leaders do you most admire and why?

There are many women leaders across all types of businesses that have done amazing things in their careers and for the companies they run. However, I’m blown away by Queen Elizabeth, the longest-reigning monarch in history, 65 years as Queen. And no king in history can match that tenure. Imagine the hurdles she’s crossed. I’d love to meet her.

Is there something special you want to promote?

What the National Women’s Business Council is all about and what we do to help women entrepreneurs and business owners. I’d like to invite any and all viewers to join the NWBC Public Meeting on Sept 29th at 1 p.m. EST, at which we will share our recommendations to help female founders.


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